Top Fishing Towns In Florida: Fort Pierce

Fishing Weigh In

Only an hour and a half from Orlando, Fort Pierce is a great destination to spend a weekend or longer for a fishing excursion. Many towns throughout South Florida are great for fishing, but Fort Pierce in the St. Lucie area is one of the best, recognized for its wide diversity of fish and easy-to-access locations for deep-sea fishing. Here are a few reasons why Fort Pierce is one of the top fishing towns in Florida perfect for a getaway and fishing excursion.


1. It has world-record fishing in a small town. Fort Pierce is known for being one of those charming, Old Florida towns lined with palm trees, as one would imagine. The city is one of the oldest communities on the east coast of Florida and stays true to its old-school fishing lifestyle. Its uncrowded waters provide fishermen great opportunities to catch the most sought-after fish. Make no mistake: This is a destination where it’s possible to break world records. Famous anglers have done so, including a recent snag of a 17-pound sea trout. It’s also a place where you can fish by land or by water. The Fort Pierce Inlet is a superb place to fish from the coast, aiming for snook, red drum and bluefish. Fort Pierce is also home to the Indian River Lagoon, a 156-mile estuary full of fish. More than 4,000 native plants and animals can be found at this estuary including manatees, sea turtles, bottlenose dolphins and mangroves in addition to prize-winning fish.


2. It’s one of Florida’s best deep-sea fishing destinations. Fort Pierce and the waters of St. Lucie might be the first and best destination for the kind of deep-sea fishing Florida is known for as you move south down the state’s ASnapper caught in Fort Piercetlantic coast. Unlike some destinations further south in Florida, it only takes a five-mile boat ride from the shore to catch big-game fish like swordfish, snapper, grouper and wahoo due to the way the Gulf Stream curves in the Atlantic near St. Lucie. Bigger fish migrate closer to its shores than other areas. Fort Pierce is home to a number of notable deep-sea fishing charter captains. Many charter boat tours like The Fort Pierce Lady offer professional deep-sea fishing rods, tackle, bait and cleaning stations.


3. St. Lucie is committed to keeping its beaches and waters clean. Fort Pierce and St. Lucie are home to some of Florida’s best, uncrowded beaches and a natural environment unspoiled by overdevelopment. In fact, the St. Lucie area has oceanfront forests and beautiful sand dunes. A chunk of its beaches are protected by land and the wildlife foundation, and Fort Pierce offers eco-tours and has several education centers in town. St. Lucie County has several fishing piers near its beaches like Blind Creek Riverside North or Bear Point Sanctuary. Bear Point is a 200-foot-long pier perfect for catching wading fish. Before entering the area, most of the piers have bait shops close for purchasing necessary fishing tools or acquiring temporary licenses.


4. Fort Pierce is a friendly town that can still accommodate all your needs. USA Weekly said Fort Pierce has one of the top 10 most idyllic, historic main streets in the USA. This is a fishing town with old-fashioned Florida architecture and friendly people who are happy to share their favorite secret fishing spots and tips. Fort Pierce’s industry is all about fishing. You can find a bait and tackle shop, cleaning station, charter captain or fishing guide at just about every turn. And the list of accommodations in the area is long, whether you’re looking for an easy hotel to check into after a long day on the water or you want an oceanside resort. And you don’t have to visit St. Lucie and Fort Pierce in advance to see what a perfect fishing destination it is. Check out the live webcams from the Fort Pierce Marina, Fort Pierce Inlet and Fort Pierce Inlet Waterway for a live, real-time look at the area.